Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School 2013

Emma and Ella wanted to get together for some Back to School pedicures. They were looking good! Emma got so tickled when they were scrubbing her feet. ;) 
 Then we headed to Fast Lane to meet the brothers. They were bowling for their Back to School fun. 
 Then we got some pizza. Kind of yucky, but fun!
 Our Back to School teacher gifts " I could not have PICKED a better teacher/nurse". 
 On Thursday evening, we got to go to the Back to School Ice Cream Social. It was so fun to see who all is in their class and who their friends got. I was equally excited to see all of my friends (other mom's teachers and our awesome nurse!) In fact, when we got in the building, all of the teachers were lined up down the hall. And I may have made a little bit of a fool of myself running through the hall (basketball run through style) giving high fives, etc.) Oh well, I was so excited to see everyone and the kids didn't die of shame so it's all good. Just note for next year: don't do that.
 Once again, I love our Pinterest-y teachers!! So cute! 
 Aiden and Mrs. B. She is super sweet and so on top of all the D stuff. 
 Emma and Mrs. C. Emma is so excited to have her as a teacher!! So fun!
 ~ First Day of School ~

The parking lot was a MAD HOUSE!! We had to park illegally and walk a ways to get to the school. :) Good thing we left early (for once!)
 Aiden and Blake in line for Breakfast in the Classroom. :) It's going to be a great year!! :) 

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