Sunday, July 7, 2013

Razorback Basketball Shooting Camp!

Aiden had such a great time at Razorback Basketball Shooting Camp. It was a pretty small group with lots of individual attention. They learned that the key to good shooting was BEEF!

B - balance
E- Eyes (keep them on the back of the rim)
E- Elbows (keep them in)
F- Follow through
 Aiden's buddy from school, Alexander, and his brother were at the camp too. 
Scotty Thurman (current asst coach and former member of the 1994 National Championship team) was there helping out. (Red shirt, black shorts with ball under his arm. And also, he and Aiden were TWINS! They had the same shirt! Ha! 

 They said that the goal is so much bigger than you think and that should give you more confidence. They had Aiden and Alexander stand back to back to show that they could put the hoop over them.

 They did lots of drills.
 They had a shoot off at the end. Aiden was in the final 3! Alexander was in the final 2 in the next round! Talented boys!!
Good times and ending blood sugar of 158. Score!

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