Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quick Trip to Tulsa!

The kiddos were all set up in the back back. 
Matt took us to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our 15th anniversary. :) 
We love the monkeys. 
They have a new-ish Sea Lion show. 
This Flamingo had an egg. 
Mrs. Kippling! 
Emma and the sea horses. 

We actually saw the alligators move this time! 
And the snakes moved too! 
On the way out, we saw baby geese. 
Traditional picture by the tigers. 
We had to stop at "Richard's". Aiden had graduation money burning a hole in his pocket. 
Here's what they found! Haha! 
We had a super fun time! It was a great way to cap off Anniversary Week!! Looking forward to many, many more!! 

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