Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kingdom Rock

The kiddos had the best time ever at VBS this year! 
The theme was Kingdom Rock and they had lots of fun activities. 
 Aiden's friends Blake and Brett came with him. He was so excited. It was the first time that I have dropped him off and where he stayed in class the whole time. Mrs. Jill was so amazing! We had a quick lesson after church on Sunday before and then she just texted me with any questions or situations. :)
 Orange Day!

 During VBS week, Chick Fil A was having their Daddy/Daughter Date night. So Matt and Emma doubled with Brad and Natalie. :)

 Then we all headed to the Aquatic Center for the VBS Swimming Party. The kids are always so excited that they get to stay out so late!! It lasts until 10. :)
 The last day was Yellow Day (we must not be yellow people - it was hard to find something!)
 Sunday was their performance. Aiden did so great! Emma on the other hand got a little case of stage fright/stubbornness and the toot stood at the back of the church and wouldn't go up front with the group and the Youth Director had to come tell me that she wouldn't come in because  she said I would spank her for not participating! OMG! How embarrassing!! Like totally mortifying!

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