Saturday, May 4, 2013

Run for the Roses - 2013 JDRF Hope Gala

Our JDRF Hope Gala has a Kentucky Derby theme and is held on the day of the Derby. 
We get to have it at a beautiful farm.  
Emma and Mary Claire were the first ones to get caricatures. Pretty cute! 
 Matt, working hard this year!
 My little jockey. 
 Live coverage of the derby. 
 Aiden wanted to bid on the HUGE Hershey Bar. 

 Our cousin, Maggie, was so sweet to come and had a precious hat!
 The ambassadors, enjoying a little free time between their jobs. 
 This is a GREAT group of kids and whatever they lack in working islet cells is definitely made up for in personality! :) 
They were having a Board Meeting... It's the future of JDRF!

So last year, we were SWEATING in a hot tent in the BLARING down sun and this year, there was actual SNOW on the ground! It was left over from our HISTORIC SNOW IN MAY! Crazy!
 Our precious ambassadors with their AMAZING endo! We love Dr. Maass!
 Aiden was in the Fund -A-Cure video. :) He did great!
 Emcee: What do you want when there's a cure? 
Aiden: A really big ice cream cone! (you know, just talking in a microphone in front of HUNDREDS of people!) 
Emma wants a really big party for her brother.
Our modified Gala attire to account for the frigid temps! 
Cute boys! 
It was a great Gala and we raised $265,000 directly for T1D research!

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