Friday, May 17, 2013

Pomp and Circumstance

We had some very important graduations this year!! These guys were really into Chas's graduation!
 We are so, so proud of this sweet girl! 
 Nanny and Papa and the grand kids!
 She will be starting college in the fall!! Holy cow!!
 She should still be just starting kindergarten! 

 Speaking of Kindergarten, this guy GRADUATED Kindergarten!

 And remember that sweet little guy who I thought had selective mutism because he put his head on his desk at Kindergarten screening and WOULD NOT talk to Mrs. Fulghum. Him? Yeah, he had a SPEAKING part at graduation! We were so very proud of him!! 

Have you ever had a teacher that you loved so much, you wanted to have more kids just so they could have her too? No? Well then you haven't had Mrs. Fulghum. We will miss her so, so much!! 
 Haha! When we took this picture, instead of saying "Say Cheese!" Ashley said "Say Arranged Marriage!" Lol and Sophia is like "Mo-om!" But oh, I hope so!! We will miss the Gray family so much!

It was a great year! We can't wait to see what First grade has in store!

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