Friday, May 31, 2013

End of School Party!

Having had such a fabulous year, of course we had to celebrate!
 Haha! This was my worst invite ever. I even forgot to put WHO was having the party! ;) Ooops!
Getting set up! Thank goodness we had help!

 Lots and lots of kiddos excited to be out of school for the summer!
Finally!! Dark enough to see the movie!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring T-Ball 2013

Aiden has been so into his tball games this season. We have been blessed with a GREAT coach and he is really learning to love the game. 
 Go Bobcats! 
 Baseball pictures. :) 
 They went soooooo much better than last season. ;) 
Aiden and Leo are good buddies!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Soccer 2013

We started the season with LOTS of team spirit and enthusiasm... and of course a PARTY!
 Soccer moms... making soccer bows! 
 Great first practice!!
 And then we started games.... We may not have been the BEST team on the field, but I definitely think we had the most fun and cutest outfits. ;)

 We had some COLD games!! We only had 3 games due to rain and SNOW! 
 Yay for SNACKS!!!
 We decided to mellow out a little before our last game. ;)
 And we got an encouraging visit from the BEST principal EVER! 
And the girls looked SUPER cute!

 Aiden was thinking (and may have told me 10 times) "my team could beat their team easy."
But we had fun and it was so neat to have a Turnbow team and really get to know Coach T and all of the players. We have a GREAT school and we were so proud to wear our purple and green!
Then there was Aiden's team. Holy soccer! His team was AWESOME! We completely CREAMED every team we played (not that we kept score!) 
 Aiden LOVES soccer and even though he is a great offensive player and can really get in there and score goals, he LOVES to hang back and play defense.

Working a little on throw ins this season.  
Ahhhhh, rest time! 

 And finally he got to have a fun end of season party at Fun City! Yay!
And Emma's team came over to swim to celebrate the season. LOL, Coach T put up with getting shot with lots of water guns, but he got even! ;) 
It may have been a pretty short season, but they both learned so, so much and had a lot of fun!

Last Day of School 2013

What a great school year we had this year! We loved our teachers, our nurse, our faculty, our specials teachers, our coaches and our friends! It was just the best year!

And the Outtakes:
Photobomb by Brinkley

More photobombing!

 Look at the freakin' camera!!! Hahaha!