Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break - Magic Kingdom!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We had some visitors! That crazy leprechaun! 

 Aiden had to show the cousins!
 I just can't tell you how emotional I get when I come around the corner of Main Street and see this. I think it will always make me a little emotional. :)

 Cousin Love!

 We loved the new Fantasy Land. We got to meet Gaston!
 I got to ride with Chas on the race cars! She was only a little crazy of a driver! ;)
 We love the Buzz Lightyear ride.
 We might be a little competitive. And Matt always beats me by about a million points!
 In jail with ZURG!
 I love the excitement on her face. That is priceless to me. :)
 So is this...
 And especially this! He got picked out of the audience to go on stage and he did...In front of about a hundred people!

 I love the show at the Castle. I looked over at Aiden and he was yelling "DREAMS. COME. TRUE." And using hand motions. It was so cute!
Oooooooo.  Maleficent! "Listen well, all of you!" We have seen that movie so, so many times. :)

 This was a super fun block party parade. Emma had been looking for the Mickey confetti all day long and this is where it comes from! We got lots after that!

 We had dinner at Crystal Palace. We only got to see Pooh and I accidentally cut his head off!
 We were so tired, but we had to see the parade and the fireworks.

 But this was even neater! They projected images and shows on the castle! It was so neat! This was the Cheshire Cat.


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