Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break - Hollywood Studios!

Well, apparently there was a little photo shoot while Chas, Tay, Justin and I were in line for Tower of Terror. Because there were HUNDREDS of these on my camera when we got home and I was going through them. :) And lots UP a certain little boy's nose too. 

 We had to take a (BLURRY) picture of Matt by the Chicken Coop from the Hannah Montana movie. Someone ;) might really love that movie and get a little teary eyed during "The Climb". ;)
 Army man, bless his heart. It was HOT. 
 We love this back lot tour. It is so interesting how they do everything. And Emma just about jumped 5 feet off the ground when they blew up bombs in the water. :)

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Monster's Inc. and we just barely got to meet them. No autographs though. They don't like the paper work. Ha! how fun is Disney to say that instead of saying that their hands were too big and they couldn't use a pen. Seriously, it's the little things. Magical. After that, we rushed back up to Rockin' Roller Coaster to use our fast passes. Emma loved it, but she said the loop may  have made her pee in her pants just a little. Oh, my. We had to assess the situation and it was all fine. ;)
 This face lasted approximately 3.5 minutes so about $4.29 per minute. I would say that was money well spent! NOT! Sorry Nanny!
 I'm so thankful that they changed the Playhouse Disney show to Sofia, Jake and Doc!! That bought me one last time of getting to hold my sweet kiddos on my lap to watch this cute little show. 
 And see such real excitement about bubbles and snow and gold doubloons falling from the ceiling. 

 Jake! Ahoy!
 We hit the Ralph and Vanellope right on a break. So we had to miss the Block Party Bash. But we go to see them when they FINALLY got back! Fun! The kids have Halloween costumes worked out for the whole family! Fun, fun!
 Poor Matt. He was odd man out on the Toy Story Mania ride. I have to say, he really is awesome at it though. He always had the high score!
 The imaginears really out did themselves with the props on this ride. It's almost fun getting to wait an hour to ride it. :)
 Sister was a little bit testy this day... She didn't think she would like "the boy rides" (aka Star Wars or the Indiana Jones show). But she did! While we are talking about Star Wars, I just have to record this so we can come back and laugh about it someday. :( We got on the ride (after dragging Emma on by her hair practically and trying to be silly with her about it) and I tried to put my backpack under the seat and was all exasperated at all of the stress so I put my feet out in front of me. So we get going on the ride everything is fine and then all of a sudden the whole thing stops and I am thinking Oh, Crap! They stopped the ride because I put my feet on the chair in front of me. And then lights come on and I can see my backpack on the floor two stairs down and I'm totally locked in my seat belt and can't reach the backpack at all. So the guy comes in and tells me to put it under my seat and I am trying and trying to and then I realize that there is a basket I need to lift it up and set it in rather than trying to SHOVE it under my seat. But wait, it gets worse. So they start the ride again and it gets going and is fine and then the screen (of the 3D movie) goes gray and we just ride the WHOLE THING with just sounds and jerky movement. Then they turn the lights on and tell us to get off and everyone is shouting "there was no picture!" so they corralled us to another simulator to ride it yet again and by the time that 3rd ride was over, almost everyone had motion sickness and it was terrible! So embarrassing!
 We got to eat dinner at my second favorite Hollywood Studios restaurant! Sci-Fi! It is so fun!!

 Not sister's favorite park... But we really did have fun!

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