Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break - Epcot and Boardwalk!

First thing, we ran and did Test Track and Mission: Space. 
It was our LAST DAY at Disney so we were all a little emotional. Ha! Not really, we were just really, really exhausted and really, really excited to ride Soarin'. 
 Aiden LOVED it! He has talked about it non-stop since we got home. 
 They were having the Flower and Garden Festival when we were there and the statues (?) were really amazing!

 They were also having an Easter Egg hunt! We finally found some. :)

 While we were on the backside (ha) of Epcot we went to the Boardwalk...

 ... to ... SURPRISE! Ride a couple of these guys! Holy cow. There are some little hills on the Boardwalk. Phew!

 After, the Boardwalk, we went to Downtown Disney for one last shopping trip.

That night, we got to eat at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella.

 Prince Charming!
 The Step Mother. She was so serious!!
 Aiden hid from her, but she found him!
 Anastasia. She was too funny! She would yell at her mom and sister across the restaurant.
 Drizella. What a mess!
 Goofy and Goofy Jr. ;)
 Ha ha! We saw a picture like this on pinterest so Matt was looking everywhere for this sweatshirt. Ha! We found it. ;)
We had to get a few more pictures of the hotel! I think it was our favorite so far. VERY family and kid friendly, for sure!

BRIGHT AND EARLY!! Like 2:45 am!!
I took a few last shots on the way out.

And then we were ready to go. :(

We ALL slept on the plane.
And in the car.
And we were welcomed home from sunny Florida by an Arkansas Snow storm! So weird!! We had a great, great Spring Break though!! :)

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