Friday, March 15, 2013

Random March Stuff

Dr. Seuss Day! We had to look all over town for the hats! We scored them at party city and they even had bow ties and gloves!
Dr. Seuss Day lunches... Cat in the Hat PB sandwiches, One Fish Two Fish Goldfish and Pink Ink because Winks Yinks drink pink ink. (I think!)

They have been doing lots of exploring before Sunday dinner. 

I love his little hands in this one. Working so hard!
According to Aiden this is a "tossed salad". Well, it was tossed. ;)

We celebrated my Uncle John's 50th birthday! My mom made him this quilt out of all of this coaching shirts.
Karnes siblings. :)
We got ready ready for the Rhea Lana's consignment sale. My car was FULL!!
And with the money we made we got to buy spring clothes! Yay!! Emma and I spent HOURS in Justice. Have I mentioned that I HATE that place. I begged to PLEASE just look at Gymboree, but apparently it is so not cool anymore. :( It's just soooooo sad!!! So now she is all set with her 1980's hooker apparel . But we had a super fun time on our girls' day!!

And the boys had fun on their boys' day. We kept sending each other pictures. ;)
And the so exciting thing is that Matt hired a house cleaner to come every other week! I think we spent 2 weeks trying to clean to get ready for her so it wasn't completely gross and I was still mortified.  

But she was so sweet and it was so nice to be able to play soccer in the front yard instead of stressing about how dirty the house was. :)

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