Sunday, February 24, 2013

Upward Basketball

This was our first experience with basketball. The boy loved it and Emma loved cheering. What a fun time!!
The cheerleaders could be K4 to 4th grade, but Emma was the oldest. She loved it and did a great job!
Aiden's buddy, Leo, was on his team.
Aiden got to play one of his best friends, Alexander, during the second game. It was a great match up. They both had the red wrist band so they got to guard each other. 

Good game!
Emma was stoked about the megaphone.

The cheering wasn't nearly as organized as the basketball, but they got to cheer at a few half-times and performed a half-time dance routine. So cute!

We were almost as entertained with figuring out her coach's hair extensions as we were the cheering. : ) Her coach was super sweet. :)

Aiden did great at offense and defense.

He made lots of baskets. I was really very impressed.

The dance routine!

Isaiah was A-MAZ-ING! Seriously, I'm pretty sure pro scouts were there to watch him!
They ended the year with a fun pizza party with prizes and fellowship!
Cute pictures!

My little Upward kiddos! 

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