Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Little American Girl is 8!

This year Emma did not want to have a "birthday party" instead opting to go to Dallas to go to the American Girl Store. She had it all planned out... flying... 3 nights... etc, etc. Ha! We had to cut it back to match our party budget. But we couldn't let her birthday pass without a little celebration. We decided to have it on New Year's Eve at our new favorite party place... Residence Inn!
 She wanted a chocolate cheesecake and she even found the recipe I needed to use. ;)
 and a big cookie with NO icing. ;) Weirdo. Seriously, I am shocked she is my daughter sometimes. 
 Little Ella is so cute!

 Emma's besties: Ella and Natalie
This was our first sleepover (except for Chloe sleeping over) and it was New Year's Eve so we had to stay up extra late!

 Emma and Ella right before midnight.  
 Watching the ball drop. 
 Happy NEW YEAR!!

 We made it!! Breakfast time!!

 When we got home we had to check Aiden's live trap and SURPRISE! Aiden traded some of his Christmas toys for this. LOL! What a mess! He has been checking them religiously. His name is Gray Chocolate. He was released safely behind the fence so no worries. 
 Since we kind of celebrated her birthday on New Year's eve, this was the birthday that would never end! We celebrated ALL. WEEK. LONG. She talked Aiden into letting her open the present from him on the night before we left for Dallas.
 A Bella Barbie!! She loved it!!
 We finally arrived in Dallas and she had to get Saige first thing. She had been saving for almost a year and also all her birthday money. 

 We were scheduled to have "Afternoon Tea" at the Cafe.

 Bless this sweet waitress's heart. I was so much trouble for her. First, I had made sure to let them know that it was her birthday when I made the reservation. So they said that they would note it on the ticket when we got there and she would have a candle on her cupcake and they would sing Happy Birthday to her. So when we got there, we confirmed the b'day and thought we were good to go. When we got to our table, we didn't have the cute little napkins shown above and our tea party treats included strawberry muffins instead of brownie cake balls. Well, that just wouldn't do! And then I had to track her down so they would sing to her! It was a mess. We could tell by watching other tables that it was a really neat experience and that they were going above and beyond to make it special for the girls, but we just seemed to be the "red-headed-step-children" of the AG Cafe. But it ended well and it was totally worth it. And those brownie balls were soooooo worth complaining. YUM and they were even warm! 

 Aiden and Emma got to do some Saige crafts since they were having her debut that weekend. They asked Aiden if he wanted to give his shirt to Emma and he said no, he wanted one too. Ha! That boy. He can work the system!

 The other thing on her agenda was Cheesecake Factory. 
 Cookie Dough! It was very good!. 

 And her hotel of choice was the Embassy Suites with the swans. It was a must and I think Matt had more fun with them than the kids! ;)
 And we ended the trip with lunch at In-n-out Burger. It was Nana's first time there and did not disappoint! 
 Her actual birthday was probably the least we celebrated all week! Matt had to go on a business trip that morning and she did not let him forget it every time she talked to him! But they were lucky to be out of school that day for a Teacher in-service and then we ate dinner at Market Place to have your birthday dinner because:
1. Kids eat free right now.
2. You get a FREE full sized dessert!
3. They have The Chocolate Mess!!
And finally, 4. They don't sing to you!
Win, win, win, win!! 

Happy 8th birthday, sweet baby girl. We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. You are sweet and caring. You are most definitely strong willed, opinionated, and assertive. All traits that can be a little trying at times, but that we know serve you well as you grow up. Although you do enjoy chilling with your ipad still, you are kind of past your stage of wanting to be "lazy". You have been showing enthusiasm about the activities you are in and it makes it so fun to go to them. You are LOVING Subway and you are still such a good eater. You will try anything! You have been getting more and more cooperative and you and Aiden play so well together! You ROCKED your last report card! Not only did you improve so much, you got all Es!! Daddy and I were so excited! We love you so much, Sissy!!