Saturday, December 1, 2012

St. Charles...Christmas Traditions

Bright Dark and Early on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we loaded up and headed to St. Charles, MO to their Old Fashioned Christmas Festival. 
 We even saw the sunrise!
 We got there just in time for the parade. You get to see all of the Characters during the parade. After the parade, you have a very good chance to get a lot of the character's cards (think baseball trading cards).

 Aiden's up there with Jack Frost. They were so excited to see him!! He is certainly a character!! Later, we were in the car on the search for our final character, the Mail Carrier, and we may have had the windows down and may have been yelling "Mail Carrier... Mail Carrier!!" and he saw us and yelled "Close your windows! Are you trying to heat all of Saint Charles?!"
 Emma loved the Sugar Plum Fairy. She was so sweet!
 World War II Santa.
 We went into an old fashioned soda shop to warm up. We had to try a Cherry Phosphate. I had heard about them since I was a little girl. I think I will stick to Diet Coke in the future. ;)
Revolutionary War Santa. 
 Ebeneezer Scrooge! He was not very friendly!
 The Master of Revels. He was a mess too! You could find him standing on a fence or sneaking up behind other characters.
 Frontier Santa.
 Mother Goose.
 Esther Lane. She was the last character that we found last year. She was very kind.
 The Cookie Baker! She is a new character for this year and she told us a very special secret! Santa's favorite cookie is Chocolate - Chocolate Chip! Double chocolate!! We will definitely be making those for Santa!

 After we finally found all 33 characters and had accounted for all the cards, we went in to Saint Louis to the American Girl store and the Cheesecake Factory for a special pre-birthday treat! I didn't even get Red Velvet... I tried the Hershey. It was surprisingly good.
 The next day we hit up some St. Louis sights. We could have spent days climbing in these cages at City Museum. Matt and I even climbed in them. It's all fun and games until you rip the back out of your pants and have to leave though. :(

 On Cyber Monday, my dad and I got to celebrate our birthday with the family. :) Ole!
 And sadly, these are our only 2 pictures from the square this year. :( Next year!!

 We rounded out a very Christmas-y several days with a visit with Santa. And I really don't mean to be a Santa snob, but our Santa is THE. VERY. BEST. SANTA. EVER. Seriously, the guy is legit. I know he's the real one.
Merry Christmas from the Evans Kiddos!

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