Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - McConnell Family Reunion!

After almost a day full of class partying, my dad had surgery to do an ablation on his heart. He was having pretty constant PVCs and it was just really wearing him out. That was going great, but then Granny Bev just about choked to death on her Italian BMT in the waiting room! It was scary. He had to stay overnight, but it was amazing how quickly he just looked so much better! His color was better than it had been in years right as he was coming out of surgery. It was amazing. We left him to rest and headed to chill at Terry and Christy's and have a little Loafin' Joe's. We had to take a picture since we were all wearing our Christmas shirts. 
Aunt Shannon with her "double fold-over" chip! She and Matt fight over them. ;)
Over the course of the week before Christmas, almost (not quite, but almost) all of the McConnells got to come down for a visit. Even Uncle Jim, Aunt April, and Cousin Noah got to come from Hawaii! The last time Noah was here, Aiden was only 18 month old. This time they were best buddies!! 
One night was family baking night. Aiden and Christy were discussing the cookie decorating situation. 
 Everyone hard at work!
 Aiden and Aunt Becky working on sugar cookie dough.
 Cutting out cookies!
 Cute Yunice helping Grandpa and Aunt Shannon!
 One night we had to go out to celebrate Christy's birthday!


 We wanted to make sure to take them ice skating since we thought they wouldn't get to do that in Hawaii. But Noah took us to school on it! They have indoor rinks and he was really good!

 Emma was in Heaven with Jessica and Jake. 
 The skaters!
 The whole group. :)
We love, love, love the McConnell family. 

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