Friday, December 7, 2012

Aiden's Super Six year old Science Birthday

Emma: Aiden, be very careful when you open your present from me! It could rip very easily! 
 Aiden: OMG! Just what I always wanted! A homemade bottle person!  Ha! Just kidding. He was actually very, genuinely excited about it and was very appreciative. It was very sweet!

 I'm just going to go ahead and say this was the best birthday party we have had so far. It was a Science Experiment theme and it was quite literally... a BLAST!

Sophia's Elephant Toothpaste was the bomb diggity! It was perfect! 

And Chloe's slime was just right!

So we have progressed from hiding under the table to behind a curtain, and then last year behind a net and... 
... I think even with the picture sideways, you can see that there has been quite a change in our little guy this past year. And for that I am so thankful! He was singing... to himself... loudly. WOW. I will take it. 

Some of the scientists! 

I mean really, we have the BEST. ENDO. EVER. Aiden invited him so he really came! And he got him a Nerf gun. I can't even express how thankful we are for him. 

 Happy 6th Birthday, Aiden James! We are so proud of your bravery and kind spirit. You are so generous and funny and adventurous. You love to play outside all the time (usually in just a t-shirt, shorts and socks). You are still so, so picky! But you have recently added grilled cheese to your limited menu and you are truly the best grilled cheese maker in the family. I really have to monitor you around the stove or you will have something on fire all the time! You have gotten really outgoing this last year. You have started yelling "Hi Mr. Ray" to our neighbor and will seek out new friends whenever we are around new boys.You have blown family members away by the amount that you talk to all of them. You have started talking to Dr. Maass just a tiny bit and Andi is getting more nods and a few non-verbal cues here and there. You are really funny, but also pretty intense and watch out if we make you mad! You can throw a punch! But you are on board with redirecting that intensity to the punching bag you and daddy got like Captain America. ;) 
We love you so, so much! Happy Birthday!! 

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