Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Christmas Day!

"Aiden, he came, he came!"
 "He better have brought me some Greenies!"

 Yay, McKenna!
 Aiden was excited about his sports stuff, but not nearly as excited as he was about this HUGE Reese's!

 Yay! BIG Greenies!!

 Then, bright and early, we were off to Nanny and Papa's house.

 Back room presents! The big guns (literally, as it turns out).
 Next stop, Grandpa and Grandma's house! How nice to have them settled in their new house in Arkansas. :)
 Emma loves pushing Yunice in her stroller! ;)
 We had a little break in the action, so we tried out the kids popcorn popper. It was so fun! We see some major parties in our future!!

That evening, we had a yummy traditional Christmas dinner at Terry and Christy's. Aiden got this little gator head from Jake and Jessica. Emma got a Cajun Night Before Christmas book and an even bigger treat, Jake read it for us in his Cajun accent. It was amazing!!

 Aiden had to soak up his last few hours with Noah. He is already planning a trip to go see him! ;)

 Just because fake mustaches always liven up the party.

We will miss all of our McConnell family from far away, but are so thankful for the fun memories were made!

Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Christmas Eve

 We have been loving our new tradition of having Christmas at Nana's house on Christmas Eve morning. I was also very excited for the BEST almond danish ever! YUM-O!

 Why, Matt? Why are you laughing so hard?

Yay!! Greenies!! 


Aiden loves his activity table, especially the basketball! 

 Emma was so excited to get Kit's desk and "earning stuff" (aka Ironing)

 Nana was excited for her Christmas/ Birthday present. :) 
I loved our new soft, cozy rug!
 That night we continued the Karnes' Family Christmas at Kellie and Steve's house. 
The Karnes Kids: Gary, Judy and John
 Our Melted Frosty water. 

 And melted snowman soup. Emma said, "Momma, that's kind of mean!"
 Girl cousins: Katie Beth, Emma, and Chloe
 Nana Barb would have been so proud of us, playing games and all. 
 Mom was so excited to get her "Boom Box" that she had on her list. Ha!
 Kellie and I were talking about how we love to smell our hands and arms when we wear Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works and we love our cozy socks and then we decided that maybe we might kind of be a little dorky. ;) 
 And we decided that these 2 might just take after us a little. ;) Twin cousins: Kaden and Aiden. 
Family pic 2012.
 We had to hurry home to get Santa's snack (and a present of miscellaneous balls from Aiden) set out...

And carrots for the reindeer!
 But we had to hurry because Santa was almost here!!