Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn BLUE at Turnbow for JDRF!

We had a very successful BLUE day at Turnbow to celebrate World Diabetes Day!

Super cute Sophia supporting her brother, Xavier. 
When we got to school on BLUE DAY we were so excited to see this many sneakers in the front window. 
Here are some fun memories from the week. Emma invited me to her class to show them how we test blood sugar and to answer some questions. I was so impressed with those second graders!! They asked such insightful questions! How many kinds of diabetes are there? How did Aiden get diabetes? How many times do we test blood sugar? There were so many more. 
A few more sneakers... 
Aiden's BLUE hair. We thought we went all out... But not so much! We were amazed at all of the TOTALLY BLUE PEOPLE!! Some moms told me that their kids were blue from their undies to their lunch boxes!

Blurry, but we love Mrs. Fulghum! She was all blue!
Our cousin Chloe blue from head to toe and she was still a little wet! 
Some of Aiden's class with their sneakers. 
Xavier's class. I loved how no one was too cool or too good to wear blue. They all were supporting the cause and I had moms tell me that their kids really knew WHY they were doing it. Just one more reason that I LOVE our school. 
WOW! Lots and lots more sneakers!!

It was such a successful week. We were thrilled to raise more than $500, but more than that, we educated over 800 people who really know about Type 1 diabetes. PRICELESS!!

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