Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just a few more pictures from soccer... The East Side Eagles finally wrapped up their season just before Halloween. :) 
One of our first Halloween Events was "Say Boo to Diabetes". Emma was excited to see Mary Claire. :)
And of course, Aiden loves hanging out with Xavier. 

The kids had a blast at their school Fall Festival. Emma won on the book walk 3 times!!
Emma and Daddy

Aiden shot some hoops. 
Aiden racing in the cars. 
Waiting to do some bidding at the auction. 
Nanny wanted to start a new tradition at the Sunday Dinner before Halloween, so we made some popcorn balls. 
Later that evening Nana had her own Halloween Carnival. :) 

Miss Kitty was my Nana's cat that my mom inherited. She had been missing for about a week and someone found her and returned her that night! :)

Cousin Chloe, Emma and Aiden with their jack-o-lanterns. 

Watch out Dottie! 

Hula Hooping at the Mega Party!

My little Vampire at her class party.
Aiden and his buddy (Blake or Brett??) at his class party.
Calleigh turning Aiden into a mummy!

Finally!! Time to Trick or Treat!!

First stop... Nanny and Papa's! Papa was working and just stopped in to see the kids so he was dressed in his police uniform. Aiden said "oh, a cop" like it was his Halloween costume. 

They got a TRICK and a treat at Grandma and Grandpa's! Granny Bev and Uncle Tom were ready for them with masks! Aughhhhhhh! It was so funny!

Next we stopped at Emma's karate "Kick or Treat"

Then we went to Pi Phi to Trick or Treat Maggie. Emma was so excited! We got a tour. :)

Next up... Terry and Christy's house. :)

It was a very Happy Halloween!! 

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