Friday, November 23, 2012

November Randomness

The Razorback Homecoming parade! You just can't beat it. A beautiful fall evening, Razorbacks, candy, and friends! This is yet another tradition that we share with Ella and Rylan. I just love these traditions.

I love how they are all (even Aiden and Rylan) are making the Pi Phi "angel" sign. They got so many "awwwwww"s from the Pi Phi's that went by. It was really cute. They had to represent for cousin Maggie. :)
And I love looking back... at these (from 2010).

 And back to 2012... so the homecoming parade brings... HOMECOMING! It just makes you feel like you need to tour campus and take pictures of the places you spent so much time!!  Emma was not very excited...
 Here's the Walton College of Business where I spent hours and hours and hours! Smile a little, girl! It wasn't that bad!! ;)
 She perked up when we met Natalie for dinner.
 Those girls, shaking their booties!
 And on the way home, we got to meet Miss Lindley Fern Ramsey! This little girl was really wanting to go to the homecoming game, I guess! She came 2 weeks early!!
 And her big sis, "Little" Ella was so excited!! She was so sweet!
 Later in the month, we helped Daddy get his hunting stuff ready *at an undisclosed location*
 But oh, my. It is a beautiful undisclosed location!
 Emma and Aiden weren't so upset about the Hogs sucky season because it meant there was plenty of room to sit by Grandma and Grandpa every week. They had WAY more fun over there!
 We thought our sweet girl had a fracture in the growth plate of her ankle and she rocked these crutches for a whole week! But, crutches and a CT scan later, she was fine. :)
 But while she was out of school for so long, she did get to help me vote. And as political as I was 8 years ago, I am that NOT political now. She chose several of our candidates based on how closely their names resembled names of food. Our presidential selection may or may not have been chosen because his name sounded a little like "Macaroni" and another local selection looked a little like "Pizza". But we voted and we got donuts so it was all good. (OMG, I'm glad you had heart surgery, Dad. Otherwise, we'd be giving you the BIG ONE with this paragraph, huh?)

 One day Aiden was REALLY MAD at me. 
 But he got over it and had a fun time at his tball party. :)
 He also got to go hunting with Daddy (VERY EARLY!!) on the first day of Deer Season. Emma went the next weekend and I will spare you the picture of her over her Bambi Daddy. Blech! She said that the jewels on her jeans were too scratchy in the deer stand and Daddy said she sounded like an elephant plodding through the field, but somehow, they found an unfortunate 10 point to cross their path. LOL.
We got started on our tree a little early. 
 A little Pinterest project to get ready for Disney!! 
 These goobers I live with... watching our first 3D movie. Aiden picked Cars 2. Also, notice Aiden's crossed feet. ;) He has done that since he was a baby. 
 On Thanksgiving, we headed to Nanny and Papa's to watch the Parade and also do a little Pinterest decorating. 

 Then we headed WEST and had lunch number 2 at Uncle John's. Thank you to Kellie for keeping the Cranberry Salad recipe going. Nana would be so, so proud. 
 ... and more cousins. Conner, Kellie and I are the Thanksgiving birthday cousins. 
 And on a slightly sad, but SUPER brave note, Aiden had to do his first blood draw since his diagnosis. He was a ROCK STAR. He didn't even cry. The nurse said that he did better than most of the adults that they have and she was serious. He was very glad to get a Sponge Bob band aid.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn BLUE at Turnbow for JDRF!

We had a very successful BLUE day at Turnbow to celebrate World Diabetes Day!

Super cute Sophia supporting her brother, Xavier. 
When we got to school on BLUE DAY we were so excited to see this many sneakers in the front window. 
Here are some fun memories from the week. Emma invited me to her class to show them how we test blood sugar and to answer some questions. I was so impressed with those second graders!! They asked such insightful questions! How many kinds of diabetes are there? How did Aiden get diabetes? How many times do we test blood sugar? There were so many more. 
A few more sneakers... 
Aiden's BLUE hair. We thought we went all out... But not so much! We were amazed at all of the TOTALLY BLUE PEOPLE!! Some moms told me that their kids were blue from their undies to their lunch boxes!

Blurry, but we love Mrs. Fulghum! She was all blue!
Our cousin Chloe blue from head to toe and she was still a little wet! 
Some of Aiden's class with their sneakers. 
Xavier's class. I loved how no one was too cool or too good to wear blue. They all were supporting the cause and I had moms tell me that their kids really knew WHY they were doing it. Just one more reason that I LOVE our school. 
WOW! Lots and lots more sneakers!!

It was such a successful week. We were thrilled to raise more than $500, but more than that, we educated over 800 people who really know about Type 1 diabetes. PRICELESS!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Just a few more pictures from soccer... The East Side Eagles finally wrapped up their season just before Halloween. :) 
One of our first Halloween Events was "Say Boo to Diabetes". Emma was excited to see Mary Claire. :)
And of course, Aiden loves hanging out with Xavier. 

The kids had a blast at their school Fall Festival. Emma won on the book walk 3 times!!
Emma and Daddy

Aiden shot some hoops. 
Aiden racing in the cars. 
Waiting to do some bidding at the auction. 
Nanny wanted to start a new tradition at the Sunday Dinner before Halloween, so we made some popcorn balls. 
Later that evening Nana had her own Halloween Carnival. :) 

Miss Kitty was my Nana's cat that my mom inherited. She had been missing for about a week and someone found her and returned her that night! :)

Cousin Chloe, Emma and Aiden with their jack-o-lanterns. 

Watch out Dottie! 

Hula Hooping at the Mega Party!

My little Vampire at her class party.
Aiden and his buddy (Blake or Brett??) at his class party.
Calleigh turning Aiden into a mummy!

Finally!! Time to Trick or Treat!!

First stop... Nanny and Papa's! Papa was working and just stopped in to see the kids so he was dressed in his police uniform. Aiden said "oh, a cop" like it was his Halloween costume. 

They got a TRICK and a treat at Grandma and Grandpa's! Granny Bev and Uncle Tom were ready for them with masks! Aughhhhhhh! It was so funny!

Next we stopped at Emma's karate "Kick or Treat"

Then we went to Pi Phi to Trick or Treat Maggie. Emma was so excited! We got a tour. :)

Next up... Terry and Christy's house. :)

It was a very Happy Halloween!!