Sunday, August 26, 2012

JDRF Family Camp

Our welcoming committee. :) Welcome to Camp War Eagle!
We found our friend Sayde, and then we found a tiny dead snake.
Camp friends.
Lowes craft time. 
Help from some grand parents. 
So serious. 
One of our favorite families working hard on crafts. 
Sayde and Emma after face painting. 
Daddy and Emma getting ready for the Ropes course. 
Our favorite JDRF Branch Manager, Andi! 
Aiden's favorite camp activity!! S'mores!! Then the boys CRASHED!! 
Emma and I freshened up and headed back out for the PAR-TAY! Karaoke and photo booth.

We cleaned and cleaned and of course we had test strips in our dust! Why wouldn't we!! 
Emma was so excited to win "Cleanest Cabin" again!! If they could only see our house. I have no idea how we keep our cabin so clean! ;)

We are already excited for next year's camp!! This year, we had some great break out sessions. It just has the atmosphere of a great family reunion. I am so thankful for all of our JDRF family. It truly has been a blessing that has come from diabetes. :)

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