Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Soccer

Aiden has LOVED soccer this season. 
This is his game face. ;)

 Go Tigers!!
The soccer camp that they attended this fall was great!! They had a blast and really learned a lot. 
  Aiden likes to block out. 
 He's big on defense. ;)
 But he loves to play offense too. He has scored several goals from the kick off. That's his favorite. He said "That was easy." Ha! 

 Their team didn't have very many players and he didn't get much rest. He had to really chill when he did get a break!
 One of the Dad's got them all soccer balls after his last game. He was so excited!
Emma's team has seen some hard times this fall. :( They are a young team and it is their first time to play together. We have lots of hope and lots of fun ideas. :)
She had lots of fun at the camp too.
We have been to several Razorback Soccer games. They we so fun to watch. The Eastside Eagles had lots of fun!
 Xavier and Aiden had lots of fun too.

At least they have cute socks! 

It has been so fun watching them play and improve this season.

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