Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chips, Chimps and Cheesecake

So Matt's starting this new big diet and HAD to have some chips and salsa before Monday. So after freezing our tails off at a sleeting soccer game, we headed to Tulsa. 
 We decided to go to the zoo. It is a great zoo and just keeps getting better and better!
 The chimps have to be our favorite to watch. 

 This time, we were there for the elephant demonstration. We learned lots about elephants and it was really a cute show. 

 There is a relatively new exhibit where you are eye level with the giraffes, but this one was hungry!!

 Just so we would remember that I was actually there and the kids really have a mom. ;)

 The newest exhibit was Sea Lion Cove. Very cool! It looks like they have a lot in the works for the the next few years too.
 This sea lion totally just pooped right in front of us. Yeah, its gross, but it's a memory and this memory made us all laugh sooooo hard. 

 Aiden liked the penguins and we hung out by them for a while so Aiden could drink a juice and come up from a LOOOO-oooowwww. Just in the 50's but it kicked his rear for a little bit. 
 Then he was better. ;)
We thought this looked like a Temple Run background. Emma was thoroughly enthused. We have really acquired a bit of a little attitude lately and a little resistance on a few things. It's been a little bit of a challenge, but she is such a sweet girl and I know we'll get through it. "Choose joy" is our current mantra. ;)
 See the joy!? No?

Oh, there it is! Ha! Just kidding, but it didn't hurt! ;) 

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