Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School!!

Enthusiasm for back to school was split at the our house this year. Aiden and I were super excited... Emma was not so excited and Daddy was a little worried about how all of the diabetes stuff would play out. Either way, we had to get it started with a party after the open house ice cream social. ;)
 Aiden was very excited to get Mrs. Fulghum, the same teacher that Emma had for kindergarten. :) We love her so much. And I loved watching seeing all of her cute pinning before school started and her class room did not disappoint! It was Pinterest Heaven!! :)
Emma at our photo booth. ;)

 Lots of kiddos swimming!! 
The thing Aiden was most excited about starting school so he could make his very own friends. :) Here he is playing with 2 of his new friends. Let me tell you how blessed we have been to meet this family. They have 4 kiddos and the oldest is in 5th grade at the school we go to and has Type 1. Their family is amazing. I am so thankful to be following in their footsteps. :)

Emma and Chloe had matching outfits. :) 
 First day pictures. 

 Out takes:

 Walking into school (on time, I might add!!) It was foggy!! 
 My baby girl walking into 2nd grade!! :)

 SHOCKER!! Aiden walked in to his class and sat down. It was the miracle of all miracles. :) I think I can almost see little angel wings all around him. 
 Instagrammed shots:

 This is how I thought it would be. But it was GREAT!! 
 Happy School Year 2012-2013!!

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