Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Walk to Cure Diabetes

Today, we walked in our 2nd Walk to Cure Diabetes. It was a bittersweet day. I kind of felt bipolar. One second, I was so excited that I almost wanted to do a cartwheel and the next minute I would be crying (either happy tears of hope and overwhelming bonds of friendship we have made or sad tears over the loss of our good friend and mentor, Brian Doss.) But even though that loss was heavy on our hearts and we miss Brian so much, it was a good day of hope and just reminded us of the friendships we have made because of him. We wore blue ribbons in honor of him today.
Now these girls have been there for Emma long before diabetes! We are so thankful for Natalie and Ella and each of their families!
 And Rylan had to take off to a soccer game, but Aiden was thrilled to get to play with him for a few minutes and it was so sweet of them to come!
 I loved our shirts! Keep Calm and Bring Home the Cure. (It was Olympic-themed). A huge thank you to Spencer Marsh and Off Color Designs!
 We were getting ready for the balloon release in honor of Brian (his parents are in the top left corner, bless their hearts.) They raised him right, that is for sure. :)
 What a difference from last year. I carried that sweet boy on the stage and held him most of the time. This year, he went up there all by himself and even scooted to the front of the stage. :)
 That darn hair! He was so preoccupied by it! Ha! 

 Off they go!

 The McCarley family! We are so thankful for them and all of the support they have shown us over the years. 
 Little Ella was as cute as ever! I was hoping she would come in her Spiderman costume that she had answered the door in the night we dropped off their shirts. That was too cute!! 
 Aiden got to cut the ribbon to start the race! 
 And then he was OFF! Matt literally had to chase him! He was so concerned with trying to beat Dr. Maass. Ha! We kept telling him that it was just a walk and not a race. Memorial Day... that's the time to beat Dr. Maass! 
Nana and Emma
 Phew! Running up that hill wore him out! Thank goodness Nanny offered to carry him! ;)

 Aiden and Xavier. I just can't explain how thankful we have been to have met Xavier and his whole family. I have learned so much from them and having Xavier, a fifth grader and just awesome kid, at school as one of his best friends has been amazing for Aiden. He has confidence that I have never seen or could have even imagined.
 And they finished strong together! 

 LOL! Amanda and Matt. Poor Amanda puts up with so much from Matt. She really is one of his best friends and whether he would tell her or not, he really appreciates the millions of ways that she makes his life easier and more organized. ;) Not only at work, but also helping with JDRF and always coming up with a football ticket for us and just being a great friend. We really appreciate all that she and her family do and surely someday we can repay them for all of their generosity!
 Just chillin' after the walk. 
 And the bouncy houses... the infamous JDRF bouncy houses...
Ha! We definitely say thank you so much to all of the people who donate to find a CURE for T1D, BUT... Aiden doesn't really want it and here's why... "JDRF has fun bouncy houses". Well there you go.
 Here's Super Terry with his Super Aiden shirt(s). ;)
 Big smiles from Aunt Christy, Aiden and Uncle Terry. 
 And our little family, minus Emma who was taken by Nana to her soccer game. 
 I kind of lost Aiden for a second and found him just hanging out on a hog. Ha!
 Kari and Toby...more reasons that having diabetes doesn't suck so bad. They have some awesome sons and are such a fun family. We have loved getting to know them and Matt loves having Kari to hang out with at Board meetings. 
It was a beautiful day too! 

Fall Baseball

We have been blessed with the best baseball coach this fall. It was been such a great learning experience for all of the boys. Aiden has been really excited that there was a boy from his school on this team and they have gotten to be such good friends! :) 

Fall Soccer

Aiden has LOVED soccer this season. 
This is his game face. ;)

 Go Tigers!!
The soccer camp that they attended this fall was great!! They had a blast and really learned a lot. 
  Aiden likes to block out. 
 He's big on defense. ;)
 But he loves to play offense too. He has scored several goals from the kick off. That's his favorite. He said "That was easy." Ha! 

 Their team didn't have very many players and he didn't get much rest. He had to really chill when he did get a break!
 One of the Dad's got them all soccer balls after his last game. He was so excited!
Emma's team has seen some hard times this fall. :( They are a young team and it is their first time to play together. We have lots of hope and lots of fun ideas. :)
She had lots of fun at the camp too.
We have been to several Razorback Soccer games. They we so fun to watch. The Eastside Eagles had lots of fun!
 Xavier and Aiden had lots of fun too.

At least they have cute socks! 

It has been so fun watching them play and improve this season.