Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Night at the Ballpark for JDRF

The Naturals have a Community Partners program where they team up with nonprofits. We sold tickets at a reduced rate and half went to JDRF! Aiden got to throw out the first pitch. :) I was so proud of him!
 While he was waiting to go on the field, one of the players came and told him that he has type 1 also! 

Here's the video. Just ignore the end. I was trying to take pictures and video at the same time and clearly, I did not succeed! Ha! But Aiden did! It was right over the plate.  

 Hey Strike, what's up?  

Besties and cousins. ;)
 Arvest Ballpark has an amazing fireworks show! It was a great ending to a fun evening!!
But it wasn't over just quite yet! They got to run the bases after the game.  
 Emma (with her faux frames) and Ella
 And Aiden and Rylan. 

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