Friday, September 14, 2012

Hope Floats at Fresh Market

Fresh Market recently opened in Rogers and they do an annual Hope Floats sidewalk sale and the proceeds support JDRF. 
  We helped out long enough for Aiden to have an ice cream sundae and Emma to scarf down a hot dog, 
 and then the storm blew in! It looked pretty rough!
But we survived and got to hang out in Fresh Market until it blew over enough to run to our car. Aiden found a HUGE chunk of Parmesan cheese. He was sure it was worth the $150. ;) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trip to Little Rock

On the way to Little Rock, we stopped in Russellville to get some gas and some food from Taco Villa (total dive, but so good!)
 and Whattaburger and we found TUSK! He's gotten much bigger!
 In Little Rock, we made a little history lesson of it and went to the Clinton Library. Aiden had a ball with the fountians. 

 Here's a replica of the Oval Office.
 Here's what Emma thinks of the Oval Office. ;) I think she's a Republican.
Matt and I enjoyed it. I guess we are independents. Ha! Since we used to be as bi-partisan as a couple can me. It's pretty nice to be in the middle together now. 

 The grounds and the downtown area were beautiful. 
 Lots of fun on the tram to the gift shop. We had to pick up an "I miss Bill" sticker for Nana. ;)
At the game, sky divers delivered the game ball. Apparently, the ball was cursed though because we lost to Louisiana Monroe. Gasp!!! 

 Emma and I walked around the stadium several times for entertainment and we got her picture with a majorette. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Night at the Ballpark for JDRF

The Naturals have a Community Partners program where they team up with nonprofits. We sold tickets at a reduced rate and half went to JDRF! Aiden got to throw out the first pitch. :) I was so proud of him!
 While he was waiting to go on the field, one of the players came and told him that he has type 1 also! 

Here's the video. Just ignore the end. I was trying to take pictures and video at the same time and clearly, I did not succeed! Ha! But Aiden did! It was right over the plate.  

 Hey Strike, what's up?  

Besties and cousins. ;)
 Arvest Ballpark has an amazing fireworks show! It was a great ending to a fun evening!!
But it wasn't over just quite yet! They got to run the bases after the game.  
 Emma (with her faux frames) and Ella
 And Aiden and Rylan.