Sunday, August 26, 2012

American Girl Fashion Show audtions

Right after we got home from JDRF Family camp, we showered and headed to the American Girl Fashion Show auditions. She looked precious! There were a lot of little girls there and sadly, she didn't get it. :( Luckily, she had a good attitude about it. I thought she would be sad, but she said "What!? They are crazy! I was precious!" ;) Ha!
Maybe next year! 

JDRF Family Camp

Our welcoming committee. :) Welcome to Camp War Eagle!
We found our friend Sayde, and then we found a tiny dead snake.
Camp friends.
Lowes craft time. 
Help from some grand parents. 
So serious. 
One of our favorite families working hard on crafts. 
Sayde and Emma after face painting. 
Daddy and Emma getting ready for the Ropes course. 
Our favorite JDRF Branch Manager, Andi! 
Aiden's favorite camp activity!! S'mores!! Then the boys CRASHED!! 
Emma and I freshened up and headed back out for the PAR-TAY! Karaoke and photo booth.

We cleaned and cleaned and of course we had test strips in our dust! Why wouldn't we!! 
Emma was so excited to win "Cleanest Cabin" again!! If they could only see our house. I have no idea how we keep our cabin so clean! ;)

We are already excited for next year's camp!! This year, we had some great break out sessions. It just has the atmosphere of a great family reunion. I am so thankful for all of our JDRF family. It truly has been a blessing that has come from diabetes. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School!!

Enthusiasm for back to school was split at the our house this year. Aiden and I were super excited... Emma was not so excited and Daddy was a little worried about how all of the diabetes stuff would play out. Either way, we had to get it started with a party after the open house ice cream social. ;)
 Aiden was very excited to get Mrs. Fulghum, the same teacher that Emma had for kindergarten. :) We love her so much. And I loved watching seeing all of her cute pinning before school started and her class room did not disappoint! It was Pinterest Heaven!! :)
Emma at our photo booth. ;)

 Lots of kiddos swimming!! 
The thing Aiden was most excited about starting school so he could make his very own friends. :) Here he is playing with 2 of his new friends. Let me tell you how blessed we have been to meet this family. They have 4 kiddos and the oldest is in 5th grade at the school we go to and has Type 1. Their family is amazing. I am so thankful to be following in their footsteps. :)

Emma and Chloe had matching outfits. :) 
 First day pictures. 

 Out takes:

 Walking into school (on time, I might add!!) It was foggy!! 
 My baby girl walking into 2nd grade!! :)

 SHOCKER!! Aiden walked in to his class and sat down. It was the miracle of all miracles. :) I think I can almost see little angel wings all around him. 
 Instagrammed shots:

 This is how I thought it would be. But it was GREAT!! 
 Happy School Year 2012-2013!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

End of Summer Fun!

We had a summer visit from Buzz and Rudy (aka the girl elf formerly known as Rudolph). They said that they were on vacation and wanted to come swimming at our house. They also let the kids know what they were doing great and what they might need to work on a little. ;)

 This summer has been the Summer of Science. We made some play doh.  
 Nana had her Annual Camp Nana and she went all out. It was daylight to dark fun for an entire week!!
 Kool Aid stand. 
 Fun at Fast Lanes.
 More of Aiden's science experiments. This night, I went to the laundry room for no more than 2 minutes and came back to the kitchen and Aiden had play doh boiling on the stove, eggs floating (or sinking) in cups of water and he was trying to set salt on fire. Crazy kiddo!! I see BIG things in his future! He is just constantly going and thinking and figuring things out. 

 Eggs float in salt water and sink in plain water. 
 We made a trip to the splash pad. I did not get rave reviews. It probably would have been a lot more fun before they knew how to swim. It is a really neat place though and not a complete flop. 

 We also made a trip to a new-ish museum in the area, Crystal Bridges. We decided this exhibit looked like giant robot poop. ;)
 It really is a beautiful place. 
 We needed to use up some soon to be old bread. The geese and ducks were really appreciative.

 During the last week of summer we had a Friends Night Out. After dinner at Chick Fil A, Emma and Ella went to Diary of Wimpy Kid with Ella's mom and I took Aiden and Rylan to Ice Age. We all liked our movies. I can't believe how much they have grown up! I remember taking Aiden and Rylan to Despicable Me when Emma and Ella went to Ramona and Beezus. They were so little and we made so many trips to the bathroom!

We didn't get everything marked off of our Summer Bucket List, but we did lots and lots of it and it was a great summer!!