Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy ROCKS!

Matt got to start Father's Day weekend with Donuts for Daddy at school. :) 
 I think that Aiden was most excited.
 Daddy and the kiddos.
On Father's Day, we wanted him to know why he ROCKS.
 The kiddos helped him open his BIG present.
 It was a ROCK! Daddy is so strong!!

Actually, it was a fake rock to cover some ugly pipes outside. But he's still strong. ;)

 Next we went to lunch with my Dad, aka Grandpa!  Aiden helped Grandpa open his gifts. ;)
 Later in the day Papa opened his Pop Top for a TOP POP. ;)
 Then the guys did some skeet shooting. Look at all those shells!!
 Matt rocked the skeet shoot too. I'm not naming any names, but someone (ME!) was 100%. It was only one, but I hit it!!
 And then the kids cooled off in Aunt Brandy's pool. It was a Happy Father's Day for sure!
Happy Father's Day Matt, Dad, Rick, Hugh, Uncle Gary, Uncle John, and Uncle Terry!

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