Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freakish Animals

We accidentally left Emma's life jacket (which is mostly only worn as a diaper in an extreme act of silliness). Well, it made a good life boat for some insects. :(
 This things was HUGE and its bumpy! It was really gross looking!
 Then this turtle was in our yard one morning and it had made a hole behind it and it was filled with some kind of liquid. I'm not really sure it what it was doing, but it was HUGE too! We had seen it several months ago in our neighbor's yard, so he must be a regular in the 'hood.

 Then, we had to go investigate this HUGE black snake that was in the road on the way to the fireworks show we attended.
So of course, we stretched it out and took a picture with instagram, cause everything looks cooler when you do that. ;)

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