Monday, June 25, 2012

Aiden Lost His First Tooth!

One day at karate, Aiden was feeling kind of low. 57. So we were looking for snacks to go with his juice. So we found an old-ish bag of cheetos in the car. So as he was chowing down on the way back into Karate, he said "Mommy, a tooth as he was picking up a tooth off the ground." I thought it was someone else's tooth. His had just started wiggling. So I said "GROSS! Don't touch it!!" He was like "Mom, it's my tooth." So, then I was so excited and had to take pictures. Such a BIG boy!! He is really growing up!! :) I am just loving every bit of it. Everyday, I see him busting out of that shy little shell he built up over the years. I LOVE seeing those changes. ;)  


  1. that first tooth is such a monumental occurrence!

  2. awwww sweet, the tooth fairy will pay him a visit. probably helped forget that low quick smart!!