Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Orange Belt

Stretching. Notice the ORANGE toe nails and the BIG ORANGE bow. We may not be able to do Basic Form Number 2, but by golly we can color coordinate like a BLACK BELT-ed BOSS!

 OMG, she seriously broke the board on the first time. It was sooooo exciting!! This is a reenactment. We weren't really expecting it to happen so fast. Last time she didn't even get it broken during the testing. It was awesome!!
 Getting her belt.
 Emma and Mr. Teague. I seriously thought his name was Mr. T for a long time. ;)
Yay, Emma! We are really proud of you!!

Summer Fun

Here's a little picture of Aiden's super cute bootie. I know he'll thank me someday. ;) But we had to document the 1st pod on the bootie. It lasted all of 18 hours. But the stickers were cute. Thanks, Hallie!! 
 Lots of swimming going on and this is just to show you the shenanigans that go on at our house. Out of the bazillion swim suits these kids have accumulated, Aiden chooses to wear nothing and Emma is wearing UNDERWEAR intended for the bottom of her body on the top of her body. ?? So silly!!
 They decided to incorporate Batman into Aiden's summer of science experiments and built him a little maze. He definitely liked the paths with the pecans better than cheese or sunflower seeds. Good to know. ;)  But bless his heart, I guess he couldn't take all the excitement or maybe it was the pecans, but he died just a week later. :( It was really sad. That little guy lived a really long time, even over his average life expectancy of 18 months. I hope he lived a happy life. RIP Batman. :( We will miss your little squeaks on your hamster wheel and Brinkley and Bella miss watching you too. 

Things were better a few days later. We got to see Brave and archery had been a hit since then. Our windows and doors will never be the same. 
  He's a good shot!!
Brinkley and Bella got haircuts and Bella wanted to do a photo shoot. 
 Again with the crazy pool attire. Pajama shorts were way better than going commando on the homemade water slide. 
 More of Aiden's science experiments. The boy LOVES Pinterest. However, we seem to just really rack up pins in the Pinterest FAIL category. Bubble snakes just made a big runny mess of soap in the sink and really SUCKED when you SUCKED. It was a bad deal!!
 We made some T1D supplies for Ken. He really needed a POD and someplace he has a PDM and a meter. 
 We waited in the waiting room while Grandpa got his MRI. He did great. We were super worried when the guy before him came out. He was not so good, but Grandpa did great and the kids did great!! 
 Icee's at Silver Dollar City. Emma had a very interesting concoction.  
 In "Grandpa's Mansion" it is so creepy and crooked! 
 Aiden was in BACON heaven for breakfast!!
 And at the breakfast place we love, Daddy won them a GIANT ball in the GIANT claw machine. :)
 We thought of our friends when we were playing miniature golf. 
 And we went to the fish hatchery. Seriously, this place is really cool and FREE!! 
 And they have these BIG trout you can see too!!
 More pictures with the reading kids at the library. 
 And we had never been to Shogun's and had been wanting to try it out. It was very good and so entertaining to watch them cook our food right in front of us. :) Aiden brought in Chick Fil A. ;) 
Lot's of fun!! And less than 1 month left of summer vacation!! So there is a lot more fun to be had!! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday before the 4th, we got to go to the lake with my aunt, uncle and cousin. We just love it! There is truly no place else that is that relaxing. It love this little guy. He is too cute! "See ya suckerzzz" is his new favorite phrase. It is the first thing he said when he woke up this morning. ;)  

 Emma tried wake boarding. She got up on the board, but didn't stay up long and wasn't a fan of doing so many face plants in the water. 
 She went back to tubing. She has gotten to be a little bit of a dare devil!

 Aiden didn't get far sitting like this and he hasn't been on one since. He is a little more skeptical and hesitant of all the water sports. 
 Cute Molly was all ready for the 4th. 
 And cute Matt a little after sunset. 
 He made this YUMMY chocolate chimichanga for dessert! It was soooo good! And food really does look better with instagram. ;)
 That night, we headed out to the marina to watch fireworks. They were so pretty reflecting off the water. 

 We got in some tubing the next morning. Emma was so excited to tube with Maggie. With 2 people on the tube, she can go across the wakes, which makes it all more exciting. 
 Wednesday, we headed back to the lake to celebrate the 4th! Here were some S'mores bars we made. Once again, even yummier looking with instagram. ;)
 Emma and Yunice in their patriotic outfits.
 Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Shortcake, plus blueberries, but in a trifle all set to go to the Coger 4th of July in Huntsville. Delish!!
We had to take a walk to go see the snake. 

 They had lots of fun with all the cousins. 
 Lining up for the annual cousin picture! 
 Look, we found an extra cousin. ;)
But here's the Evans / Reynold's cousins.  

And a recap from year's past.... They are growing up so much!!
Papa, grilling up some supper!!

 Matt, Joe, and Hugh. 
 The fireworks did not disappoint! Even with the burn ban and several fires that ignited where they had the fireworks set up and they had to answer 2 calls for fires in town, the Huntsville FD did a great job! 

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th!! God Bless America!!