Saturday, June 16, 2012

VBS and Children's World

Monday was RED Day at VBS. Emma was really excited that our cousin Maggie was her teacher. :) 
 We begged and got Aiden in Maggie's class too. He didn't stay everyday, but really enjoyed when he did. 
 Green Day was NOT a good day. 
 Emma pretty much had a melt down. So we listened to Ms. Summer tell the story about Lazarus and we took off. Honestly, this is the kids' attitude about going to church pretty much all the time. We have a wonderful Children's ministry at our church, but we just pretty much failed at going when they were really little and now they think it is optional. I would just really love for them to LOVE going to church. And I know I just need to take them and make them go and they will get used to it, but I just get to a point where I hate fighting about it. :( This too shall pass. It will get better. ;)
This was the only picture I have a yellow day. We don't really have any yellow clothes! Just a few things with yellow on them. This is their class and their teacher, Maggie. :)
 For a few weeks, they attended Children's World, our church's day care. I thought the teachers did a great job with Aiden and his diabetes. Emma and Aiden were just so-so with it. But I could tell that they were having fun when they were there. (This was orange day for VBS!)
 Emma made this picture of Nana's kitty, Dottie. ;)
Friday night we went the VBS swimming party. Aiden loves the high dive. 

 Emma loves the slides. 
 They both LOVE the water! :)

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