Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day weekend started off really fun! Emma went to her 1st slumber party at a friend's house! She is our neighbor, so it was perfect! She did great! On our way to pick her up, Aiden and I found this HUGE turtle!
 We also went to a Naturals game with our friends the McCarley's! It was Kid's Replica Jersey night! :) 
 We found a new place to sit and it was perfect! They spent the whole night rolling in the grass and trying to get a ball from the left fielder. They didn't even ask to go to the playground! It was crazy!! 
 Matt teases Aiden that he has a crush on Natalie. He calls her "Matalie". He really does have fun with her. 
 When we went to Sunday dinner at Nanny and Papa's this guy was right up by their door. He is often in their yard, but he was just right up at the house and kind of wanted to hang around us. So... he's either kind of getting tame or he's rabid and losing it. ?? ;)
 After dinner, we went to shoot skeet and swim at Aunt Brandy's. Matt was great! And I hit the one that I shot at, so it was all good!!

 The kids had fun too!!
On Memorial Day, we went to ROCK the Run for JDRF. 
 Getting started!! 

Amanda, Alan and Ella (and baby) :) We *heart* them!! 

 The McCarley girls. They did great!! 

Matt did great too! He hasn't run all year and he finished! 
 Little Ella did great!!

 Us with the McCarley's :)

This was later that week. Actually, it was our 14th wedding anniversary! Matt had to go to a Natural's game  that night so the kids and I decided to ride bikes. We got about a mile from the house and Aiden stopped and had the LOW attitude. I freaked out. We ditched his bike, and I left him at our friend's house with some juice and biked home to get my car. It was slightly scary! But then our friends were about to go berry hunting at a HUGE black berry bush behind their house. They were pokey, but it was a lot of fun! 
 And see that pretty long hair...
To be continued...

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