Sunday, June 10, 2012

The H word

So... remember that long, THICK, pretty hair.

 Yeah, it had bugs in it. They got Head lice. Y'all. I'm not even kidding. It was Horrible. I was Humiliated and Humbled and wanted to Hurl. It was awful. On their second day to go to Children's World ("school agers" don't call it day care, right?) I got the call. I thought it would be about diabetes. I wish it would have been about carbs or a pod alarm or something else, but no. She said, Emma had a bug in her hair and we looked and she has head lice. So we checked everyone else and Aiden has it too. No one else has it. (i.e. come get your nasty kids before they infect the rest of the kids). So 2 days of missed work, $142, 4 bottles of Nix, 2 bottles of RID, 26 loads of laundry, 8 hours with mayonnaise and shower caps on our heads, and 10 hours of literally "Nit -picking" through hair later, I think we are good. But it was probably one of the most humbling and awful experiences ever. And we spent a week in the hospital when Aiden was dx'd and I think this was WORSE! We still have toys in trash bags in the garage, decontaminating. 
 I tried to make it fun, but it was awful. Did I mention it was awful. I just felt like we were gross. I felt like if anyone knew they would hate us. I was so embarrassed. I have learned a lot about it all and I hope that I will be empathetic and helpful if I ever hear of anyone getting it. It sucks!! :( But phew! Glad that's out in the open! I feel like we had the Scarlet H on our shirts! 
 A couple of days later, we got a clean bill of health from Pigtails and Crew Cuts and some cute new summer 'dos. ;)
 Shorter ("like Kit") :)

But Emma lost a tooth during the whole ordeal! That was exciting!! 


  1. :) happen's to the best of us. raegan and graham have both had it! i'm with you, it is horrible. i felt the same way about being embarrassed, but had to get over it to warn others. glad you are in the clear!!

  2. I am soo sorry! I have known several people that have had it. It happens to lots of people.

  3. Ok ---- I don't think you are gross or yucky at all. It happens. My friend's little girl had it recently and I felt so bad for the family. That being said ---- it is absolutely my worst nightmare. Not because of the stigma but because of the pure ickyness of it and all of the work that has to be done to get rid of it.

    It would absolutely put me over the edge. So, if my kids get it I am flying you down here to help me because I will be locked in my closet rocking back and forth!

    Great job, Momma!! Tougher for it now and lice be gone!!

  4. Oh I am so sorry you had to deal with the Scarlet H! It scares the heck out of me too! I can't imagine all the work.