Monday, June 4, 2012

Complete Randomness

One of Emma's last soccer games as a Gummi Bear. 
 Emma and Little Ella at Catfish Hole. :) She is too cute!!
 Aiden being a ROCKSTAR at the Dentist and he got a good report!! So that was AWESOME!! He almost always throws a HUGE fit at the dentist and refuses to get his teeth looked at or brushed. And the ONE time (August 18, 2010) he was cooperative, we found out he had a bazillion cavities and later that day he was dx'd with T1D. So needless to day we were very excited about him cooperating, getting a good report and not having a disastrous rest of the day. YAY! 
 Poor girl was BEAT UP!
 Night 2 of the BLACK EYE after her run in with the teeter totter at Nanny and Papa's.
 Further progression of the black eye (about day 6).
 Gummi Bears soccer party!

 We LOVED playing soccer for Coach Brad and with these girls. We will definitely miss them. :)
 Emma-loo and Nata-loo. :)
 Little Ella, Emma, and Aiden after Little Ella's birthday party at Boingo Bounce. I was to busy BOUNCING to take any pictures in there. :) After this, we saw the Avengers and it was surprisingly AWESOME!! :)
 My future Type 1 Rider in his SPANDEX! ;)
 Karnes Family Graduation Party at Burger Life. Fun times for sure!! :)
I had to take a picture of Aiden's Snack at school on Friday's. I hate this stuff. Is it mostly marshmallows or mostly popcorn? BIG difference carb wise. :( Major SWAG!!
 May Day prizes from Nana!! :) 
 This is how you dress when you are hunting for a kitten. ;)
 But you might find a ROOSTER instead! At least at Nana's house. :) 
 Date night. So we thought it would be fun to take the trails around campus. Holy HILLS!! First, we took the wrong trail and ended up in the ghetto (granted it was down hill that way so that was the BEST part of the ride) and it was pretty much UP hill the rest of the time. :) I'm not sure how it can be UP hill the whole time, but it sure seemed that way. Then after being on the phone with work for 20 minutes, he broke the chain off his bike. Sweet. Thank goodness he's handy. ;)
 We played some golf with Grandma and Grandpa before they move into their house. Only a few more weeks!! :)
 And these cute little goslings were playing too!! ;) 

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  1. OmGosh...great to see the pix Leigh. That black eye was something else!