Monday, June 4, 2012

Aiden's Pre-K Graduation!

Well, we survived Aiden's first year of "school"!! It was definitely a team effort and we were so very thankful to have Mrs. Karen on our team. It was such a comfort to know that she was a friend  and really cared about his well being and that she wasn't grossed out by his blood or totally never acted burdened or overwhelmed by it at all. It could have been a lot more stressful, but thanks to her, it wasn't! She even handled the last 2 days of "field trips" (to rehearse for graduation and to the ceremony) all by herself. I was worried that he wouldn't go on stage if I was there. And she was a ROCKSTAR! On rehearsal day, when they were back at school and I was picking him up, she said "I checked him, he was 66 and I gave him a juice and didn't even bother you!" And then he was 139 so it worked out perfectly!! YAY!

And let's not "Free get" this little part of the team either. He is AMAZING!! He has maybe told me 2 times since he was dx'd that he didn't want diabetes. He just goes with the flow like 97% of the time like its nothing!
I can't honestly say, I didn't think he would walk down that aisle! He did so well!!
And look how tall he is!! That almost makes those weeks we spent with blood sugars of 300-500 make a little sense!

Now he's smiling!! He was so excited!
Aiden and Rylan, BFFs since birth.
Aiden, Landon, and Rylan. :)
Aiden with Nanny. 
And with Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy. 
And with Nana. 
And finally with Mommy and Daddy!! We are so proud of you, Aiden James!!
And of course, Emma and Ella. These girls were so excited to be out of school there to support their brothers!
Aiden has come out of his shell SO much this last year. We really are so very proud of him. But he's not quite completely out of that shell. This is his picture with Mrs. Karen! LOL! Nice.
But Emma was happy to get one with her. :) Thank you, Mrs. Karen for keeping Aiden alive all year (and teaching him so much!!) ;)


  1. That was absolutely the sweetest post! It was my pleasure to take care of Aiden. He has come so far and I know he is so ready for kindergarten. I learned so much from him and all of you. He is the bravest boy I know! I love you guys like my own family...even Matt! Ha! I'm so glad I made you feel safe leaving him with me he was never out of my sight;-) lets get together soon for a swim or dinner!
    PS- sorry I bailed after the race. I got real light headed and thought I should go. I had a protein bar in my car. I'm glad I ran again. Best cause in the world! I'll be there every year until they find a cure or at least a much better fix;-)

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