Monday, June 25, 2012

Aiden Lost His First Tooth!

One day at karate, Aiden was feeling kind of low. 57. So we were looking for snacks to go with his juice. So we found an old-ish bag of cheetos in the car. So as he was chowing down on the way back into Karate, he said "Mommy, a tooth as he was picking up a tooth off the ground." I thought it was someone else's tooth. His had just started wiggling. So I said "GROSS! Don't touch it!!" He was like "Mom, it's my tooth." So, then I was so excited and had to take pictures. Such a BIG boy!! He is really growing up!! :) I am just loving every bit of it. Everyday, I see him busting out of that shy little shell he built up over the years. I LOVE seeing those changes. ;)  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finishing up Spring Sports

My sweet, dirty faced boy with his soccer trophy!! This boy... I can't tell you how proud I am of him. He went from not really participating to being one of the best on the team! He even spoke to his coach!! 
 After the soccer party, we headed straight to t-ball. He had a rough start at that as well, but did great as the season went on. He LOVED it!!

 He was FAST!
 And he was so excited to get to play pitcher. Thanks Nana! Haha!

 Aiden with his perpetual "water with a mix-in" mustache. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy ROCKS!

Matt got to start Father's Day weekend with Donuts for Daddy at school. :) 
 I think that Aiden was most excited.
 Daddy and the kiddos.
On Father's Day, we wanted him to know why he ROCKS.
 The kiddos helped him open his BIG present.
 It was a ROCK! Daddy is so strong!!

Actually, it was a fake rock to cover some ugly pipes outside. But he's still strong. ;)

 Next we went to lunch with my Dad, aka Grandpa!  Aiden helped Grandpa open his gifts. ;)
 Later in the day Papa opened his Pop Top for a TOP POP. ;)
 Then the guys did some skeet shooting. Look at all those shells!!
 Matt rocked the skeet shoot too. I'm not naming any names, but someone (ME!) was 100%. It was only one, but I hit it!!
 And then the kids cooled off in Aunt Brandy's pool. It was a Happy Father's Day for sure!
Happy Father's Day Matt, Dad, Rick, Hugh, Uncle Gary, Uncle John, and Uncle Terry!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

VBS and Children's World

Monday was RED Day at VBS. Emma was really excited that our cousin Maggie was her teacher. :) 
 We begged and got Aiden in Maggie's class too. He didn't stay everyday, but really enjoyed when he did. 
 Green Day was NOT a good day. 
 Emma pretty much had a melt down. So we listened to Ms. Summer tell the story about Lazarus and we took off. Honestly, this is the kids' attitude about going to church pretty much all the time. We have a wonderful Children's ministry at our church, but we just pretty much failed at going when they were really little and now they think it is optional. I would just really love for them to LOVE going to church. And I know I just need to take them and make them go and they will get used to it, but I just get to a point where I hate fighting about it. :( This too shall pass. It will get better. ;)
This was the only picture I have a yellow day. We don't really have any yellow clothes! Just a few things with yellow on them. This is their class and their teacher, Maggie. :)
 For a few weeks, they attended Children's World, our church's day care. I thought the teachers did a great job with Aiden and his diabetes. Emma and Aiden were just so-so with it. But I could tell that they were having fun when they were there. (This was orange day for VBS!)
 Emma made this picture of Nana's kitty, Dottie. ;)
Friday night we went the VBS swimming party. Aiden loves the high dive. 

 Emma loves the slides. 
 They both LOVE the water! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The H word

So... remember that long, THICK, pretty hair.

 Yeah, it had bugs in it. They got Head lice. Y'all. I'm not even kidding. It was Horrible. I was Humiliated and Humbled and wanted to Hurl. It was awful. On their second day to go to Children's World ("school agers" don't call it day care, right?) I got the call. I thought it would be about diabetes. I wish it would have been about carbs or a pod alarm or something else, but no. She said, Emma had a bug in her hair and we looked and she has head lice. So we checked everyone else and Aiden has it too. No one else has it. (i.e. come get your nasty kids before they infect the rest of the kids). So 2 days of missed work, $142, 4 bottles of Nix, 2 bottles of RID, 26 loads of laundry, 8 hours with mayonnaise and shower caps on our heads, and 10 hours of literally "Nit -picking" through hair later, I think we are good. But it was probably one of the most humbling and awful experiences ever. And we spent a week in the hospital when Aiden was dx'd and I think this was WORSE! We still have toys in trash bags in the garage, decontaminating. 
 I tried to make it fun, but it was awful. Did I mention it was awful. I just felt like we were gross. I felt like if anyone knew they would hate us. I was so embarrassed. I have learned a lot about it all and I hope that I will be empathetic and helpful if I ever hear of anyone getting it. It sucks!! :( But phew! Glad that's out in the open! I feel like we had the Scarlet H on our shirts! 
 A couple of days later, we got a clean bill of health from Pigtails and Crew Cuts and some cute new summer 'dos. ;)
 Shorter ("like Kit") :)

But Emma lost a tooth during the whole ordeal! That was exciting!! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aiden's Pre-K Graduation!

Well, we survived Aiden's first year of "school"!! It was definitely a team effort and we were so very thankful to have Mrs. Karen on our team. It was such a comfort to know that she was a friend  and really cared about his well being and that she wasn't grossed out by his blood or totally never acted burdened or overwhelmed by it at all. It could have been a lot more stressful, but thanks to her, it wasn't! She even handled the last 2 days of "field trips" (to rehearse for graduation and to the ceremony) all by herself. I was worried that he wouldn't go on stage if I was there. And she was a ROCKSTAR! On rehearsal day, when they were back at school and I was picking him up, she said "I checked him, he was 66 and I gave him a juice and didn't even bother you!" And then he was 139 so it worked out perfectly!! YAY!

And let's not "Free get" this little part of the team either. He is AMAZING!! He has maybe told me 2 times since he was dx'd that he didn't want diabetes. He just goes with the flow like 97% of the time like its nothing!
I can't honestly say, I didn't think he would walk down that aisle! He did so well!!
And look how tall he is!! That almost makes those weeks we spent with blood sugars of 300-500 make a little sense!

Now he's smiling!! He was so excited!
Aiden and Rylan, BFFs since birth.
Aiden, Landon, and Rylan. :)
Aiden with Nanny. 
And with Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy. 
And with Nana. 
And finally with Mommy and Daddy!! We are so proud of you, Aiden James!!
And of course, Emma and Ella. These girls were so excited to be out of school there to support their brothers!
Aiden has come out of his shell SO much this last year. We really are so very proud of him. But he's not quite completely out of that shell. This is his picture with Mrs. Karen! LOL! Nice.
But Emma was happy to get one with her. :) Thank you, Mrs. Karen for keeping Aiden alive all year (and teaching him so much!!) ;)