Friday, April 27, 2012

Stickhorse Rodeo

Ahhh, the Sitckhorse Rodeo... a 1st grade tradition. :)
Last week we made stickhorses at school. :)
This week they got to take a field trip to the Rodeo grounds. First, they watched a little exhibition. And then they got to join in on the fun! Barrel racing. 
 Line dancing!
 Fun with Ella!
 "Bull" riding!
 Then Emma's favorite part (no, we really asked what her favorite part was and she said "LUNCH!" LOL!)
At that point, I traded with mom and she sent me these pictures...
Roping!! Aiden got in on the fun. :)
 And after they got to "milk" "cows" they got the get their picture with Ronald McDonald!!
It was a fun time that we have waited ALL year for!! 

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