Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some spring hobbies...

Baseball! Aiden is loving it. Here he played a team with 3 of his good buddies on it. He is giving Leo (hat backwards) 5 here. 

Definitely "Baseball Ready" here!!

Bike riding! They have both done amazing after taking off the training wheels about 3 weeks ago. They never looked back and both just keep getting better and better! And I don't think you can see it in the picture, but Aiden spent his own money on a kickstand and BOY oh boy was he ever proud of that thing! Best $8 he ever spent, that's for sure!!
And have I mentioned that the kiddos like infomercials. Yeah, the slushy magic and a gyro bowl (which did I also mention that Aiden fully accepts the challenge of disproving it's spill-proof-ness EVERY SINGLE darn time he uses it!! And for the record, no it is NOT spill proof.)
Science experiments!! They decided to use their new goggles when making their volcano. "Safety First"!! Daddy would be so proud! Hahaha!! ;)
We have been able to slow down ever so slightly and really have found some Joy in the Journey. For that, I am thankful!! :)   

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