Friday, April 6, 2012

iphone recap: since JANUARY!

Granny Bev took us to Market Place to celebrate Emma's birthday. Free Chocolate Mess!! :)

It was so good!

On New Year's Eve we had a neighborhood progressive dinner. These are some of my awesome neighbors before the Main course.

We made some homeade PopTarts. Thanks pinterest. ;)

Blast from the past. Naughty!!! Somehow I am thinking that is sent the wrong message to wake up from my Black Friday nap as I was getting Lavendar powder "rained" in all over me to spank her and then take her picture. Yes, I'm sure it does. That must be where I went wrong in the Big Discipline scheme of things.

Mrs. Karen showed me this cute paper of Aiden's. He was supposed to write "P"s across the whole line. But he was like P P P P P P P P Screw this Peeeeeeeeeeeeeee. LOL! That little guy cracks me up!

Emma holding her new baby cousin. :)

We attended the JDRF Walk Awards Ceremony. Aiden was so excited to get his Golden Sneaker and was only slightly ticked that it wasn's really golden. ;)
Sayde, Mary Claire and Emma playing laser tag at the Walk Awards. WE *heart* those girls. :)

I got to ride go carts with Aiden.. We won. And now he's scared to ride with me. ;)

Emma got to ride with Miss Erica and had a blast!!
We lined up all of Emma's barbies the other day and I just thought it was funny that all of the Barbies had outfits like nurses, doctors, architects, fashion designers, chefs, etc and all of the Ken's kinda looked like male strippers. :) Something to ponder. ;)
Here is a picture of Emma, Mary Claire and Sayde that I found a few days after the walk awards. :) Cuties!
Aiden at his Valentine's Party. :)

Emma at her Valentine's Party.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Emma was the first one at a birthday party to get the courage to climb the wall...

And she went ALL the way up!!
Aiden had his yearly check up at the eye doctor's and Emma has been showing a few signs of something little going on so I took her too. She was a little more far sighted than she should be for her age and we are going to follow up next year and if it is better great and if not, we might do glasses. But they were definitely rocking the disposable shades from the dialation (and they matched!). :)
Ash Wednesday!
We celebrated Granny Bev's birthday with a picnic outside their house and some Almond Joy cupcakes with coconut buttercream. :)

A leprechaun visited on St. Patrick's day. Emma said "That's just weird." and quickly flushed the green pee. ;) We will put that in the Pinterest Fail category.

They had fun climbing trees with the cousins at Nanny and Papa's.
Over spring break, we made a trip to the Tulsa Zoo and only got to see this gator (although gators are the current favorite - so that was good) before there was a major downpour.

Runnnnn! (And I got instgram!)
Later in the week, we went to Silver Dollar City and even though it was crazy busy and we "only got to ride 2 rides" we still had a blast!! Lots of fun family memories.

On 3/24 they decided that they wanted to ride their bikes with no training wheels and they both just took off! Aiden was slightly more coordinated than Emma, but they both did great!

Emma looks a little like a drunk clown on a unicycle, but she's getting better for sure ! :)
And our final activity of Spring Break was going fishing at Matt's dad's farm. And let me introduce you to my little Soul Surfer, Emma. She is now fascinated with Bethany Hamilton and insists on wearing her bikini under her clothes when ever possible. :) And she got a MAJOR sunburn because of it! :(
So that's about it on the iphone. :) Fun times and lots of good memories!!

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  1. I *heart* photo filled posts. These are all so AWSCHUM!!!!!! And, the Ken one made me snort-giggle ;)