Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012

Our little tradition of dying eggs at home. And just for the record, we must watch WAY too much Barbie. Aiden told Matt that his egg was "Stunning!" ;) LOL, so hard!!!
Posing with their (stunning) finished eggs. :)
Easter morning!! They were not sure what was going to be in their baskets since they didn't go visit with the EB at the mall. Pretty much the usual... A little candy, an outfit, some goggles, some baseball stuff for Aiden and some AG accessories for Emma. The EB doesn't really go all out like Santa. ;) Probably because he gets screwed and got left carrots and water instead of cookies and hot chocolate like Santa.  Ha!

We had probably the WORST fight ever that morning about going to church. And it was all over Aiden's pants. Nice. Looking back, it probably wasn't as important as I made it, but then I was stuck in a him (Aiden) vs. me situation and had to stick to my guns. Curse you CONSISTENCY!! So then I went to church again with Mom after our service. I got to hear "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" and pray for forgiveness about screaming at Aiden all morning about pants AND be with my mom! So that was win-win-win. ;)
More hunting at Aunt Lynn's house at lunch. There were eggs EVERYWHERE! Loving my lady like little girl. ;) 
And then MORE hunting at Uncle Richards. I can't tell you how many times we have hunted eggs at Aunt Mary and Richards, but it goes WAY back on our list of Karnes family traditions. Lots and lots of cousins have lined up at that very spot!! I'm so thankful we got to do it this year too! Great memories. :) 
Aunt Trudy and Emma going through her eggs. 
E, A and Katie Beth with Chloe's bunnies. 
Emma with Slippers. :)
It was a great Easter. Thank you Jesus for RISING from the grave!!! 
After that 3rd Easter for the day, we had another dinner at our Aunt Christy and Uncle Terry's house. It was very yummy!! And finally, we finished off the day with our 18th annual (competitive) hunt (my first 15 hunts were by myself and decidedly less cut-throat)  at Mom's house. We have always done it first thing so it was a little different hunting in the dark, but we HAD to do it and couldn't miss it!! You don't know competition until you see Matt and I at our Easter Egg hunt! Mom had to start hiding BIG eggs for Emma and Aiden so we didn't run them down looking for our's. I am very proud to say that even though mom really stepped it up a notch this year, I found BOTH the golden and silver eggs and while Matt found a few more than I did, I completely brought home top honors with those and also winning the most money. I had to dig in composting fruit and bird seed to find those things!! #WINNING
I love it that she still does that for us. Side Note: And did I mention that I must have stepped on a crack some where along the way, because she did all of that with a broken back!! She has a compression fracture from a car wreck she had about a week before that. She is doing much better now though!!

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