Monday, April 2, 2012

Crowns and Cows

LOL!!! I just couldn't get over Chick Fil A and their Crowns and Cows night. I can't BELIEVE they called it that!! :) It just sounds wrong. But let me tell you, these girls were anything but cows! They were BEAUTIFUL!! And here is Emma with Tracy Neal, Miss University of Arkansas. She is beautiful inside and out!! So sweet!!

Emma had to get her picture with all of them. So this was our second out of THREE dinners at CFA last week. We did not eat at home one single night last week! We had karate, soccer, t-ball or a combo of those every night!! Same thing coming up this week, but I have my pinterest recipes all lined up for the week and we are eating at home EVERY NIGHT!! Mark it down. It's happening. ;)

And on that note, I wanted to thank you guys who commented on my crazy #fail post. And I have to say that I am doing good. The kids rooms are done and the living room and bedrooms are pretty much picked up or picked up-able most days. Laundry is caught up and ironed (thanks, Mom!!) And even though we have been running like crazy lately (with the hope of SIMPLIFYING soon), I feel like we have been pretty on top of it all, only missing one practice due to all the craziness. The Proactive (although not completely HEALING) has helped. And overall, everything is good. The HUGE thorn in my side is the upstairs (text Matt if you want to see a picture - he took one and LOVES to show it to everyone!) I will gladly show it on the blog when I have an AFTER picture to go with it. ;)

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