Friday, April 27, 2012

Bubba the Cowboy Prince

Emma had her 1st grade performance this week. She was one of the cutest cows that I have ever seen!! She vetoed the udders, but still very cute. ;)

 Emma and her teacher, Mrs. B. She has LOVED being in her class this year. I have too! What a great group of teachers - so fun and creative!! It has been a great year. 
 Emma and Mrs. P. Love her too!!
 The cows!! MOOOO!
 Emma with her flowers. 
 Emma and her "fan club".
First, Chas!! 
 Emma and Ella.
 Granny Bev and Grandpa!!
 And Nana!!
 Aiden was pretty proud of her. 
We finished up our Western night with dinner at Buck Nekkid BBQ. Yee Haw!!

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