Thursday, April 26, 2012

BFF Easter Egg Hunt

For the last 3 years, we have been attending Ella and Rylan's church's Easter Egg Hunt and pancake breakfast. They have a great church and we always feel very welcome there! 
Here they go! It is the last year for Aiden and Rylan in the "little kid area". They cleaned up!!

The group this year...
And the group in 2010. They are so grown up!!
Aiden was SO very excited that he found a coveted golden egg and got a goody basket!!
Phey! PTL!! I was never so glad to see this girl running back with a golden egg! Aiden and Rylan found them in their section, but both girls came up empty the first time out, but when we went back in the church and saw 4 unclaimed Golden Egg goody baskets we bolted back outside to see if we could find the. Ella found one first and thank the Lord, the girl that hid them found one when Emma happened to be right by her! Phew!!! 
When we were leaving, they had some visitors that they wanted to chase. :) 
It was a great Saturday before Easter tradition. :)

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