Friday, March 16, 2012

Feliz Quinceanera Mom!!!

I've said before just how special my mom is... but this year she is EXTRA special!! She is a Leap Year baby and this year she turned 15!! It was a VERY special day. She started off by going on a field trip to a play with Aiden (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). Then, lunch with Emma and then a little pampering for her and Emma before her FIESTA!! Here is Emma making her BIG entrance!
 Nana and Emma ready to party!
 More cousins!!
 And even MORE cousins!!
 The kids were so excited to give her some Play Doh. :)
Some of our Quinceanera BLING.
My mom ALWAYS accentuated the POSITIVE of being unique. Having a Leap Year Birthday is definitely unique and is as special as she is!! Happy Birthday, MOM!!


  1. :: sniff, sniff ::
    I don't know why I am tearing up at this post. Maybe because your love and adoration for your mom is so apparent? Maybe seeing her with her grandkids is so sweet? Maybe beacause she looks so vibrant and so alive? Whatever the reason, I had to grab a tissue.

    Happy belated 15th birthday to your Mom!

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet mom!! She is unique-and next year...she can drive! ; ) Sounds like an amazing party-and looks like fun! Hope you are doing well, love you!! : )

  3. Thank you Missy, I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a beautiful daughter and 2 such beautiful grandkids. I thank Him every day for you guys. I love you! The day was perfect too! Thanks again! As always, Mom

  4. You are so lovely with that dress! Very pretty!