Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lots of stuff...

We have been keeping busy as usual... A few weeks ago, Emma had a Dance Kiddie Clinic at HarBer High. The Silver Stars are famous for their kicklines... ;) 
 She was really excited (and maybe a tiny bit nervous, she said). She was a blessed little girl to have so many family members come watch her. Then we all headed to Mama Z's for some dinner!!
 The next Monday, we had our JDRF Walk Awards. YAY!! Aiden got his Golden Sneaker so that was very exciting!!
 This is just some of the craziness that we deal with around here!! Weirdos!!
 Then last Friday, Emma had her first belt testing.
 She didn't quite break the board. Here Mr. T is trying to help her out. But she broke it at class the next Monday. :) She still got her new belt, so no worries!!
 This her and Aiden's BFF, Ryaln. :)
 Her friend from soccer and softball, Natalie came to check it out and support Emma. That was too sweet!!
Emma and Mr. Felix! We love that guy. He is such a rockstar.
 Emma and Ella with Mr. T. We are so thankful for the awesome teachers of her classes. They are just amazing! :)
So that's what we have been up to lately...


  1. Awesome!! And I love the bow in her hair for karate! Sweets would so do that too! :)