Monday, January 2, 2012

McConnell Christmas Festivities

We celebrated a week early with the McConnell family since they were spending Christmas in Colorado. :) LOVE their HUGE tree!
 They LOVED their presents. Daddy still hasn't figured out the Bumblebee transformer. Ha!
 Their Elf, "Elf", needed some medical attention. During church (aforementioned BAPTISM church) Aunt Christy found the sneaky little thing in her purse!! LOL! So we got the giggles during church. Then she touched him! GASP!! Emma and Aiden almost freaked about him losing his magic. We told her that it would be ok. He might just have to go to the North Pole hospital overnight.
 He was much better by the next night. And good thing because it was cookie making night! Granny Bev got them started.


 And Aunt Christy also found these awesome microphones that made their voices sound like elves. I use the term "awesome" loosely. Haha! No really, they were cute and lots of fun!!
Fun times for sure!!

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