Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Memories... Christmas 2011

Best. Santa. Picture. Ever. Seriously, we have never had a better one!
Aiden was so excited about his "choose" at the Karate party. :) The poor schmucks that got ours... not so much. I tried out this little cutie (if you don't want to follow the link, it is a can with a pull tab that you take off the bottom, clean it out, put the gift and hot glue it back on, then decorate the can and they pull off the tab and viola! A cute way to give cash, gift card, etc. It was a hit at a b'day party a few weeks prior. But at the Karate party... No one knew we brought it, but I happened to be next to the little girl who picked it. Her mom struggled to get it open and then proceeded to run her finger around the edge to get the $10 out. Really? Really! Have you never had canned peaches lady?! She sliced her finger and had to find a napkin to wipe up the blood. Matt and I bolted and rounded up the kiddos. When we finally got out the door, she was STILL applying pressure! I suck. But on a bright note, Aiden was SOOOO excited about his magic set.
 So we laid low a few days to make sure we didn't get sued and then we headed to Silver Dollar City. On the Saturday before Christmas. Not the smartest move we ever made. It was PACKED! But we had fun anyway.
 The catapillar was the only ride the kids got to ride and we still waited in line for 45 minutes! Crazy! And I was sure someone was going to be flung out of the front of it because they were having MAJOR fights over who got to control the button.
 They LOVE cleaning with those vacuums. We need those at home!!
 Chip on a Stick! YUM!

 Silly mirror!!
 Letters to Santa!
 There was even a line to get your picture at the Gingerbread Men.
We left right after the tree lighting ceremony. I LOVE that! And then we headed to Lambert's - Home of the Throwed Rolls! Really YUM! And believe it or not, that wait was only 20 minutes! We have ALWAYS waited over an hour there. So great ending to a crazy fun day!

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  1. Wonderful Christmas picture! Okay, I cringed describing the lady opening the can...ow and how dumb of her. Being from STL, I have fond childhood memories of going to Silver Dollar City. I would love to take my kids there one day! Maybe during our next STL visit. Yummy Lamberts. How many carbs in those massive rolls I wonder? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!