Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve!

We started off the morning with Christmas at Nana's house.
 The kids even got to go on a little hunt to find their big presents. :)
 After lunch, our family (Karnes side) delivered groceries and presents to a family. It was neat to do that. Later in the evening, we went to my cousin, Kellie's house. Here are the ones who participate in the ugly sweater portion. ;) Actually, my Nana and I made the vests that Kellie and I are wearing when I was little. ;) Good memories.
Cousins. :)
Conner "Tebowing"
No offense, but my Tebow was WAY hotter. ;) I hope Emma marries Tim Tebow. ;) There's just a little age difference.  
 The family. It feels WAY smaller than it looks. :(
 Yeah, this is my Uncle John. He's a superintendant. No really, he is! ;) Hahahaha!! Yo, yo, yo! Word!
Cousins coloring plates. :)
 Taffy = fail.
 Family picture.
Silly couisns.
 Silly girls.
 Aiden with his magic reindeer food. ;)
 Emma with he magic reindeer food. ;)

 They were a little sad about the elves leaving that night, but excited for Santa to come!!
They left him LOTS of food! ;)

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had so much fun!